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Polina and Dmitry Luchanovs

ItТs already more than 10 years the bright star of LuchanovsТ creative work is shining in the contemporary art's sky. Painting of Polina and Dmitry continues the evolution of Russian realistic art and at the same time adds to a number of outstanding masters like K.Brullov, I.Repin, V.Serov and etc. Their talents attract attention not only of the admirers of beauty and art, but specialists too. Cultural sphere employees, public figures and patrons keep vigilant watch on their professional success and try to purchase LuchanovsТ pictures for their private collections. After some victories in international art projects and acceptance of a proposal to organize their own exhibitions which had triumph in London, Luchanovs have acquired world-known protectors - prince N.Lobanov-Rostovsky, Metropolitan Yuvenaly of Kolomna and Krutitsy, countess Orlova-Davidova, S.Kapitsa and some famous politicians.
Being acquainted with classical pieces of world art Polina Luchanova creates canvases that are realistic by form and by matter. She tries to reflect usual life and ordinary people in connection with the great idea of the Universe. Her family like some spiritual source of human being inspires her in the work and determines the character of her pictures. The art of Luchanova is full of hope and good mood. ItТs touching and at the same time it is lighted by sunny smiles, singing joyful songs to life, nature and everything around us. Portraits by Polina Luchanova are like thousands of psychological tasks carrying out thoroughly Ц catching the inner movements, showing lyrical and spiritual life of a model. Her landscapes are penetrated with deep feeling of love and worship to precious world of Russian nature.
The creative work of Dmitry Luchanov shows a complicated way of solving serious problems of human being by means of art. Nature of his painting is characterized by craving for philosophy and making broad generalization of universal senses. Through his love to history Dmitry is absorbed in other times and tries to draw a parallel between the present and the past, using experience and wisdom of our predecessors. There are a lot of eternal questions in his canvases, and trying to answer or just thinking about them can make people surpass over themselves. ThatТs the aim of the true art!

Polina Luchanova

Polina Luchanova
Our contact phone: 7 926 221 8990 Polina 7 926 524 3912 Dmitry e-mail: art-luch@mail.ru

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