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Interior Decoration - Interior design
Polina & Dmitry Luchanov. Detail of the interior bedrooms
Detail of the interior bedrooms
In the life of any full-fledged renovation is complete without a designer, especially a new house, apartment ... Some people prefer to do without outside help, relying only on your taste and the possibility of someone hires a designer, or at least, would take him to counselors. Faced with the move and blagoustroistvom own home, I realized that I can not only decorate the interior painting, but also to plan tree, select materials and finishing facilities built with furniture, curtains and other accessories a unique appearance of interiorRevealing the inner spirit and tastes of its inhabitants! For lack of the period Cash interiors were decorated, though modestly, but with the idea of ​​comfort vkusom.Originalnost impress our guests, friends and customers (who were honored to visit us on a visit). All told, my design them happy. And I thought: If I had an order for design or interior design, I would face in the dirt does not hit! How many in today's market of finishing materials proposals that having a taste and presentation, what style I want to create in a particular room, I would be able to create the interior is not only no worse napechaptannyh in glossy magazines, but betterMuch better!